Competitive Programming Instructors

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Arup Guha Associate Instructor

Mr. Arup Guha, (Instructor) obtained his BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from MIT and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is a Senior Instructor with the Department of Computer Science at UCF, where he teaches undergraduate level courses in Computer Science. His innovative teaching techniques, talent, and enthusiasm are widely known.

Faculty instructors, graduate teaching assistants, and undergraduate teaching assistants (upper-division Computer Science majors) provide instruction and mentoring for the participants.

Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants are carefully selected from some of the best students on UCF’s award winning Programming Team. They are actively involved in designing cleve problems for contests and they assist students in learning complicated algorithms and data structures, which help with contest performance.  They also act as mentors and role models, sharing their experience as students and future professional computer scientists.