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The University of Central Florida is dedicated to providing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related summer opportunities for area middle and high school students. The Summer Institute (SI) currently offers tracks in Biology, Computer Science, Competitive Programming, and Physical Sciences. More than just a summer camp, each track offers a mix of activities designed to maximize learning through hands-on, individualized instruction with outstanding instructors. We encourage you to learn more about these opportunities by exploring each topic individually.

Our Programs

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July 18 – 22, 2022

A one-week day program for rising junior and senior high school students interested in seeking further understanding of Central Florida’s diverse ecosystems, from Orlando to the east coast.

Computer Science

June 6 – 24, 2022

An intensive three-week day program for students who have interest in learning the foundations of computer science and computer technology.

Competitive Programming

July 10 – 22, 2022

An intensive two-week residential program for gifted and high-achieving students who have a background in Computer Science with an interest in algorithms and programming competitions.

Looking for additional opportunities this summer? Check out our other programs!